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Popilush Shapewear Dress: Decorative Colorful Summer.

 The dress is a hit in the women's wardrobe and for good reason. 

It goes with everything and serves to compose looks for different occasions. 

In summer it gains even more space, as it provides you with practicality when getting ready. 

Popilush bets on quality pieces that amplify feminine energy. 

Therefore, it has several options of colorful dresses for you to exercise your creativity. 

By using a built in shapewear clothing built in shapewear clothing look you can have a look that ranges from romantic to softer, making your curves beautiful and your mind full of vivacity. 

Solar colors 

 ou can explore different trends, through tips that value your body. 

There are many ways to harmoniously include colors in your routine. 

Yellow is an assertive bet, as it will be present with everything this summer. 

A mini dress with wide straps gives you comfort through a fresh look so you can enjoy your days off with your feet in the sand alongside your family. 

The faja mesh is a feature that promotes a stronger image of the abdomen. 

The buttocks area also receives special attention through the 3D flexion design. You can pair it with a burgundy floppy hat to play with color contrasts. 

The mini slit on the side of the dress makes your legs elongated and the mesh fabric on the bottom panel also shapes the curves of your legs efficiently. 

Intense and powerful purple 

The purple tone, while conveying wisdom, is a beautiful and striking color, thus transforming you into an even more powerful woman. 

It can be combined with other colors of neutral intensity, but for summer it even goes well with the yellow we mentioned previously. 

You can also combine with opposite colors on the color wheel like red. 

Use accessories in this warmer tone to complement your summer look, such as cherry-shaped earrings, nail polish and wine-colored lipstick. 

The maxi length of a shapewear dress can help you create a more elegant look for hot days. 

The comfortable fabric is soft against the skin and the removable pads offer the possibility of perfect adaptation to the bust area. 

The hidden zipper is an interesting feature as it makes the dress easier to wear. 

Non-slip silicone holds your shapewear so it doesn't roll around. 

Wear sunglasses with a brown frame, the famous tortoiseshell frame, to create a sophisticated presence.

Vibrant blue 

Blue is a color that conveys confidence, strength and even professionalism. Therefore, you can use this tone to enhance your image in the business environment. 

Furthermore, when we talk about summer it brings us pleasant memories of a sunny day with clear skies and even sea waves. 

You can bet on royal blue for combinations with the purple mentioned above. 

But also in light blue and powder blue to enjoy different occasions during the day with a vibe focused more on pastel tones. 

You can combine it with a maxi necklace with stones in apricot or coral, which will also be very popular this season. 

The off-the-shoulder model of a shapewear midi dress makes you very attractive and enhances the upper region, highlighting the shoulder line, collarbone and neck. 

Mesh shapewear adjusts the waist and hips for a perfect hourglass shape. 

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