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Great Looks for Middle-Aged Women for Summer

 There is something so special about the beauty of a middle-aged woman. She has a regal quality in her stride because she has come to love who she is and what she is capable of doing. She has the beauty of experience and value that you can only possess by experiencing life through relationships and soul searching. A woman like this needs clothing that captures who she is and gives her the comfort to be herself, and Dear Lover Wholesale has wholesale women’s clothing fit for the woman she is.

Mature women don't need to give up the fun and flattering fashion at fifty! Middle-aged women have different needs than their younger counterparts, but clothing that is comfortable and feels good isn't something just for the youth. Dear Lover Wholesaler has wholesale women's clothing to make you feel good about yourself and your wallet. 

There are basics to every woman’s wardrobe that can be accessorized or paired in multiple ways to look fantastic and feel good for any occasion. These staples can give you options all summer long. When you fill your closet with these wholesale women’s clothing staples and pair them with the items you already have, you will be ready for barbecues, weddings, fun in the sun, and whatever else comes your way. 


You may have grown up hearing that past a certain age, a woman shouldn’t wear shorts. That just isn’t true anymore. Dear Lover Wholesale has shorts that can create different, fun, and fabulous looks. Pair your favorite tee shirt with a pair of paper waist shorts available in a variety of colors. Feeling bold? Try a pair of printed shorts with a plain black or white tee shirt. We offer high-waisted jeans shorts that are both cuffed and not cuffed. Drawstring shorts are great for a comfortable way to enjoy a picnic or walk. No matter the shorts, you can jazz them up with cute shoes and great accessories.

Tee Shirts

Tee shirts are a fun and comfy way to create a casual look or even a little dressier way, depending on what you pair them with. Try to stay away from worn-out shirts with stretched-out necklines. Classic colors flatter a mature woman, so stick with colors like black and white for a classy effect. 


It's wedding season! It's also party season, and what better way to feel your best than a beautiful and versatile dress! We have dresses for every occasion. We have fun, and flirty summer looks with boat neck vibes that are perfectly flattering for middle-aged women. We have formal dresses with sequins that are a great look for after 6 pm. We have long-sleeved and short-sleeved, so you can choose what you are more confident in. Stay away from super tight looks and hemlines that are above the knee. We are going for a classy, elegant look!


It is a piece of clothing that makes most women sigh. It doesn't have to be. We have the best bathing suits for any need. Before shopping, decide what you really want to accomplish. Are you thinking more about protection from the sun at this point in your life? Opt for a swim shirt. You can choose short or long-sleeved. You can also knock 'em dead in a pair of swim shorts that provide more coverage but just as much comfort and fun as a traditional bottom. Tankinis are a great choice for a middle-aged woman, so you can relax in the coverage you want with the style you crave. A swim skirt is always a great choice, and we offer a variety of colors so you can express the real you! Also, don't forget to find a few flattering cover-ups so you can be confident as you walk around the pool or enjoy socializing at the beach.

Sun Hat

Sun hats are a great way to protect the skin, especially for those worried about aging. Sun hats are an inexpensive way to dress up or dress down an outfit while adding the much-needed protection against those golden rays. We have wide-brimmed hats for all-around protection. Hats that let the top of your head breathe while protecting your face, and baseball caps to pair with a ponytail or messy bun. Keep your sun hats up-to-date each year. A worn-out hat can make for a less-than-perfect look.


Sandals are another must-have for a summer wardrobe. Sandals will dress up any outfit and provide that put-together look no matter where you are going. As women age, they lose fat on the pads of the soles of their feet. So, opt for a higher-quality sandal or one that offers extra support. Wedges and espadrilles are a great choice for middle-aged women as they provide the needed support with the great looks you want.

Boat neck tops

Boat neck shirts are a great choice for a middle-aged woman because it allows you to remain casual but look sharper than a plain tee. Middle-aged women look best in classic and simple styles, and a boat neck shirt or blouse delivers. At Dear Lover Wholesale, we have a large selection of boat neck tops in all colors and prints. You can pair these with any bottom and look dressy or comfy with style. 


Accessories can make or break the outfit. For the summer, you MUST have some fabulous sunglasses, and we have an outstanding selection of affordable glasses that protect your eyes and give your look a supercharge. Middle-aged women want to protect the delicate skin around their eyes, and this is a perfect way to do just that. You can get a super sporty pair of aviators or the big iconic look of the 50s. Whatever look you desire, sunglasses are the way to get it.

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